Blue Bell still offers a full half gallon to its consumers.

Blue Bell Creameries is committed to providing the best ice cream in the country and that includes continuing to offer ice cream in a full half gallon container, despite the industry trend to downsize.

"The half gallon still provides the best dollar value for ice cream lovers," said Ricky Dickson, vice president of sales and marketing. "Our round carton provides easier dipping and it allows you 16 servings of ice cream."

Many companies are now offering only 48 oz. of ice cream in each container. A true half gallon contains 64 fluid oz. of ice cream (measured by volume). That is a difference of a full pint of ice cream. Consumers get 33% more ice cream from Blue Bell than most of its competitors.

Blue Bell has even placed a red banner across its cartons promoting the fact that consumers still get a full half gallon of ice cream with each purchase. "Companies have decreased their carton sizes yet increased the price," Dickson said. "This is in no way a benefit to those who purchase the product. We urge ice cream shoppers to take a minute the next time they are at the grocery store to compare the cartons."

And if you still aren't convinced, put it on a scale. Although one doesn't often think of ice cream by weight, it still can be an influencing factor. In real weight, Blue Bell comes up with an even larger percent difference. A half gallon container of Blue Bell weighs anywhere from 2 lbs. to 3 lbs., depending on the flavor.

"Blue Bell offers a total package complete with the freshest ingredients that include lots of fruits, nuts and cookies delivered to the store by Blue Bell employees on a daily basis still in a convenient and half gallon container," Dickson said.