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We enjoy receiving letters from Blue Bell fans.
We’re so excited about what they have to say we want to share them with you!

Dear Blue Bell,

Your ice cream has been such an integral part of my life that when I think about birthdays, celebrations, and Super Bowl parties, I am more excited about Blue Bell being served than the actual cause for the gathering!  I have grown up in the Lone Star State and I have Blue Bell flowing through my veins.  I guess you could say that I consider Blue Bell more of an Ice DREAM!

Two years ago, I moved with my wife (also a Texas native) to sunny San Diego, CA.  Life here has been great…except that we can’t find our Blue Bell comfort blanket anywhere in So Cal!  Last year, we camped at the Grand Canyon and were so excited to find Blue Bell in Arizona that we cleared out both of our ice chests and packed them with dry ice and seven half-gallons of Homemade Vanilla, Moo-llennium Crunch, and some of our other favorite flavors!  We have even flown coolers of Blue Bell back as checked bags from our trips to Texas.  Our goal is to spread the love of Blue Bell Ice Cream to everyone in San Diego!

Please, PLEASE, help us live in a world so far from Texas by giving us the gift of Blue Bell in CA!

Sanguine in San Diego,
Thomas, CA

Dear Blue Bell,

I am so addicted to your ice cream.  I have to say your vanilla ice cream is my favorite!  My family goes through over four- yes four tubs in 3 days.  I will never love another brand ice cream better.  The flavor and creaminess is the best ever.  My husband loves your Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream the best.  Eating Blue Bell Ice Cream has become a family tradition every night in our house.  Thank you!

, VA

Dear Blue Bell,

I just wanted to stop a moment and say thank you for your wonderful ice cream.  I drive right past a Blue Bell place on Rangeline Road in Theodore, Alabama, every day on my way to work.  It makes me want some ice cream so bad.  Sometimes I just want to pull over and go in to see if they sell some there.  I love your website also.  It helps me decide what flavor I am going to get before I even get to the store.  I am a faithful purchaser of your products and wish you all a wonderful day.

Your BIGGEST fan,
Tania, AL

Dear Blue Bell,

I have become a devotee of Blue Bell Ice Cream since it became available in our area a few years ago.

I tried your Sea Salt Caramel when it became available and absolutely love it!  I am saddened to learn that it will be available for only a limited time.  I was hoping that it would be available indefinitely. 

This particular flavor is not always available at my nearby local Kroger.  However, it is available at a Walgreens which I pass on my way home from the office every day.  When I have the yearning for Sea Salt Caramel, I take my “cool pack” with me to work so that I can stop at the Walgreens to pick up my favorite ice cream!

Thank you for making such good ice cream and particularly the Sea Salt Caramel.  I only regret that I will only be able to enjoy it for a limited time.

With appreciation,
Delores, TN

Dear Blue Bell,

I just wanted to ‘Thank you’ for your great products, Blue Bell Ice Cream.  I have tried other name products and they don’t compare to yours.  Thank you again!

Doris, FL

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