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Blue Bell Ice Cream returns to Arizona on Monday

BRENHAM, Texas, February 28, 2017 – Blue Bell Creameries will be available in grocery stores across Arizona beginning on Monday, March 6.  

“We are glad to be back and excited to be in a position to expand our sales territory,” said Ricky Dickson, Blue Bell president. “The next few weeks will be very busy for our company. On Monday, we will also begin selling our ice cream in Wilmington, N.C., and the surrounding areas and on March 27, Blue Bell will return to Denver. ” 

Blue Bell has reopened its distribution facilities located in Apache Junction, Phoenix and Tucson to service the area. “Our staff will total around 60 employees at these three Arizona locations,” Dickson said. “Initially, we will bring in additional employees from other states to help with the opening. It could take up to two weeks to get our products to every store.”

Ice cream fans can look for Blue Bell at Albertsons, Bashas’, Fry’s, Safeway, Walmart and other local supermarkets.  If you cannot find Blue Bell in the ice cream section, be sure to check with the store manager. 

And, to make the return of Blue Bell even sweeter, a brand new flavor, Ice Cream Cone, will arrive in stores on Monday. Ice Cream Cone is a tasty vanilla ice cream loaded with dark chocolate-coated cone pieces, chopped roasted peanuts, all surrounded by a rich chocolate sauce swirl. This flavor is available in the half gallon and pint sizes, but only for a limited time.

For a complete list of products available in stores and for more information about Blue Bell, visit www.bluebell.com.

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