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Camo ’n Cream is back, and the flavor is bringing a friend – Pink Camo ’n Cream

BRENHAM, Texas, September 7, 2017 - The newest flavor from Blue Bell Ice Cream is guaranteed to stand out in the ice cream aisle, despite its camouflage pattern. That’s right, the 110-year-old ice cream company is introducing a sidekick to last year’s popular Camo ’n Cream Ice Cream with its new Pink Camo ’n Cream Ice Cream.

Pink Camo ’n Cream is a tasty combination of Strawberry Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate Ice Cream and a cream cheese ice cream swirled together in a camouflage pattern.

“Our Camo ’n Cream was inspired by the camouflage design you see on just about everything,” said Carl Breed, executive director of marketing for Blue Bell. “The flavor sold very well and we knew we were onto something. Pink camouflage is popular too, so we thought why not create an ice cream in this color pattern? We swapped the Pistachio Almond Ice Cream for Strawberry Ice Cream and Pink Camo ’n Cream was created.” 

The flavor that started it all, Camo ’n Cream Ice Cream, is a combination of Pistachio Almond, Milk Chocolate and cream cheese ice creams. Some consumers have been intrigued by the cream cheese ice cream.  By itself, it is sweet and many times served with strawberries or other fruits to enhance its flavor. And, it complements other ice creams like Strawberry, Milk Chocolate and Pistachio Almond.

Pink Camo ’n Cream and Camo ’n Cream are both available in limited quantities in the half gallon and pint sizes.

For more information about Blue Bell and for a list of flavors now available in stores visit www.bluebell.com.

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